Integral Yoga


It is in daily life that we enjoy at each second the practice of Integral Yoga, as there is no separation between yoga and life! We do our morning  Asana ( physical fixed posture; held position of the body)  with the same consciousness  we prepare our food, the same way we eat, the same way we take care of our body, the same way we relate to others in our work with our friends or family, all this is Yoga as Life is Yoga.

For that we need to get to know ourselves, to learn what we are, why we are here, and what we have to really do. If we don't know that, our life is altogether empty for ourselves and for others.

When we have started ourselves to look and live within, we discover a new dimension in our life that extends itself to our work and makes it more beautiful. The first essential step is Self-observation. Self-observation is a journey in the inner worlds. It is similar to traveling by train! When we travel by train we look at the landscape, people and discover new habits. When we go on our inner journey,  it required  constant effort, as it is effort which pulls us out of inertia,  then we are more able to look within, we observe ourselves, our thoughts, we are able to decipher our feelings, to see clearly our habits (especially the bad), and slowly we go deeper and deeper inside ourselves. Gradually we become familiar with our inner landscape, we come to know ourselves more, and through this self-knowledge, it is within we reach to change the quality of life. It is the sciences of living, this knowledge brings to a conscious control of our life.

Integral Yoga requires to explore constantly in our daily life:















Being aware of those aspects of being are the aims of Integral Yoga, it gives a meaning, a purpose to life, of course, this purpose implies an effort, it is in this effort that we find Joy.

It is only there in those efforts (physical, moral, or intellectual effort) that create in our being a certain vibration which enables us to get connected with universal vibrations, and it this that gives Joy. Joy (Ananda in Sanskrit) is the highest powerful Energy of all that could carry us to realize our deepest dream (Sankalpa in Sanskrit) and make us being a pure vehicle of Joy.